I am Shanthi Yogini and I know my life purpose – to experience oneness with all of existence. The vehicle I use to experience this is "Authentic Yoga-Science" and I believe that you can use it too.

My mission is:

• To fix the broken Yoga-system by creating 100,000 YogaScience Masters who activate their healing & happiness, awaken their full potential, and amplify their leadership in the world using authentic & ancient Yoga-Shaastram.

I am very happy that you are here, and you are here for a purpose. 

I want to develop a deep relationship with you virtually and possibly in person in the future.

You are amazing, valuable, and worthy of greatness.

Let me share a little about myself (actually a LOT) under several sub-headings (in 3rd person).




















The word Shanthi means peace.  True to her name, she always feels inner peace.  She was born and raised in Bhaaratam (India). She has been living and breathing Yoga-Shaastram from her childhood surrounded by Yogis and Yoginis. 

Shanthi comes from a lineage of Yoga-Masters who passed on their wisdom in a practical way. They lived their lives adhering to the principles of the Yogic teachings and are/were strict vegetarians for generations, thus living a Yoga-way-of-life

Application of this Experience in Shanthi’s Work: This propelled her to follow in their footsteps and do what they did. She considers it her Sva-Dharma (duty) to share this wisdom with others.

She has been incorporating in her life, every aspect of Yoga-Shaastram such as Yoga-Values, Yoga-Poses, Control of PraanaH, Food, Dance, Chanting, Samskrtam (Sanskrit), introspection, and Meditation.


Under the guidance of Master Swami Chinmayananda (Picture on the left), and through his talks on authentic texts on Yoga-Shaastram like Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, Shanthi began her spiritual journey from a young age. 

She was introduced to many enlightened Gurus by her own father, who was her first Guru

She organized many service projects for the youth groups and conducted classes for children. She learned to guide her community in specific worship methods or “Poojaa Vidhi” for each festival. 

She learned a classical dance form called “Bharata-naatyam” and is in touch with the rich art form through choreography, teaching, and performances till date.

After attending just 35 Yoga-classes in her teenage, she developed a deep conviction about its effect on body, emotions, intellect, and Aatmaa (inner being). 

Shanthi’s father has had the greatest influence on her life. Shanthi’s mother had encouraged her in all her endeavors, teaching her to have courage and strength in life, despite challenges.

Application of this Experience in Shanthi’s Work: Shanthi’s foundational knowledge of Yoga-Shaastram is strong and it is the 1st module in her Yoga-Teacher training program. She is comfortable teaching youth and children. She creates many CDs of chants on various deities providing authentic education on them. Yoga-Saadhanaa  is a part of her daily life.


As a young person, Shanthi desired to do engineering as it was a prestigious subject for students to get into, especially women. 

Though she got a free seat based on merit, her father advised her against engineering, knowing that his daughter’s strength was in teaching people. However, he allowed her to continue what she desired, letting her learn for herself.

Shanthi graduated in Engineering in Instrumentation technology from Mysuru University as a FIRST RANK holder. 

She taught in an Engineering college in Bengaluru (RVCE) and she considers this the best part of her career.

She then worked in the computer field for several years in Bhaaratam (India) and the United States.

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: This has given her the required training to think logically, create syllabus in a systematic manner, and teach in a simple way suitable for different age groups..


Shanthi understands how diet can affect one's physical and mental health. She follows the foot-steps of her ancestors through plant based, non-violent, and Saatvic eating. She strictly follows Yogic diet. She is NOT JUST A Vegan, but a Yogic Vegan for more than 30 years. She has not needed to see a doctor nor use medication, as she maintains her health naturally through a proper diet. It has slowly transitioned to a 90% raw vegan diet now.

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: She uses it to coach people into healthy eating by encouraging them to take mini steps to bring about massive change. She also teaches Yogic cooking and eating as part of her Yoga-Teacher training. 


The way of life in Bhaaratam is called “Sanatana DharmaH”, meaning “Eternal Values”. It was named “Hinduism” by other religions and hence mistaken to be a religion. 

With her grasp of “Sanatana DharmaH”, Shanthi participated in a month-long Youth Seminar in Poland, Europe, representing that way of life. She gave several dance performances also there explaining the meaning and context behind their songs.

Application of this Experience in Shanthi’s Work: The experience of presenting ideas about a way of life to people from different countries leading different ways of life helps her even today when she offers workshops about dance, storytelling, lifestyle of Bhaaratam, Samskrtam, and Yoga-Science. 


Shanthi's father “G.K.Kannan” was her first Guru and her role model. He introduced her to all the goodness in the world. He never hesitated to stop her whenever her actions did not align with the eternal values. He guided her into the science of meditation and the art of life. 

Though he is physically not in this world, he is Shanthi’s inspiration and guiding light every day, every moment.

He has written 2 books titled “UNDERSTANDING VEDA – KARMA KANDA” (The Path of Rituals) Vol 1 & Vol 2, in English, published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a reputed publishers in Bhaaratam. 

This served as an inspiration for Shanthi to write her own book series, but 21 years after he wrote his books. Shanthi gives talks and presentations on her father's books on Vedic wisdom.

Veda is the repository of knowledge. Veda is the root of Yoga-Shaastram. Without understanding Veda, Yoga-Shaastram will get reduced to fitness exercises. Preservation of Veda is essential for preserving Yoga-Shaastram.


Shanthi has taken part from young age in essay writing, debate, theater, mono-acting, chant, and dance competitions, and has won many prizes. This has given her the required training to speak her heart, ideas and ideals to thousands of people. 

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: With this improved communication skills, she is now able to share life-changing secrets of Yoga-Science with others through speaking opportunities.

Additionally, she helps experts, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to speak to larger groups or share a product with them in teleseminars or in videos, gain confidence for public speaking.


The knowledge and practice of Yoga-Science have helped her throughout her life in maintaining a state of inner joy, balance, and peace, no matter what the outer circumstances are. 

It came to her rescue and brought healing to her hurts, wounds, and other negative emotions, during a difficult phase of her life when she came to the USA all alone as a single parent with her 1-year-old daughter. Yoga-Science made her self-confident and bold again. 

 She became one hundred percent (100%) happy with everything in life. It was more than just healing, it was a blossoming. 

That was when she became so passionate about sharing this ancient wisdom with others, that she resigned from her lucrative software job in 2003 in the U.S. She transitioned from Software to Saadhana (Spiritual practice). 

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: This life experience has equipped her to show a path to happiness for those seeking fulfillment in life. This is why she is a “2 Yoga-Minutes to Happiness” expert. In fact, in her BOOK SIX: Author’s Journey-Victim to Victor, you get to understand Shanthi’s healing journey.


After attending a “Samskrtam conversation workshop (Sambhaashana Shibiram)” in her teen years, her love for Samskrtam grew so much that she spoke with her daughter right from her birth in Samskrtam only, to keep alive this so-called “dead language” and to make her home a “Samskrtam-home”.  This is currently her home language, and her daughter is the first female in the USA who can claim Samskrtam as her mother tongue.

Shanthi is multilingual - English, 6 languages of Bhaaratam, and some German.

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: This knowledge is used to teach the correct pronunciation of Samskrtam to teachers who use spiritual and Yogic terms. Mispronunciation is dangerous indeed since unintended vibrations could be generated. 

Shanthi has developed a program called "Samskrtam Learning Project" to assist her interested students.

Knowing many languages has given her excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and an appreciation for diversity. Her knowledge on Yoga-Science allows her to see unity in diversity. 


Even though Shanthi had been practicing Yoga-Science from a young age, she spent a year in Bhaaratam (India) to have deeper knowledge. She took to intense studies on Yoga-Shaastram and dance by learning from many Gurus including her father. 

She holds a certification in Dance Therapy, and 2 in Yoga-Teaching, one from the US and one from Bhaaratam.

She discovered a striking similarity between her classical dance and Yoga-Science. She also realizes that many fun activities of the everyday life of Bhaaratam are all in essence a reflection of the Yoga-way-of-life.

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: This enabled her to create a unique multimedia training where 12 Yoga poses are held in dance poses with Mudraas and storytelling. It is called Yoga-Laasyam. She is able to offer Yoga-dance workshops.

She helps people heal from past hurts by creating and narrating their stories through dance.

She gives presentations in companies, colleges, libraries, and schools. Her hands-on activities, based on the lifestyle of Bhaaratam (India), are offered as self-development tools and not just for the expansion of knowledge of another culture. 

Now, Shanthi focuses on offering training in Yoga-Science digitally. 

So she founded "Yoga-for-Happiness Academy"


Shanthi has won awards and grants like “Self-Development through Dance Grant”, “Community Dance Project Grant”, “Merit Award for Traditional Arts”, “Folk Arts Education Grant”, and “Folk Arts Mentor Grant”. She has been featured in the book “Exploring Dance Forms and Styles”. 

Application of this experience in Shanthi’s Work: This helps Shanthi to gain more experience in training children, youth, and families. This helps her practice presenting the wisdom of Yoga-Shaastram through dance in a manner that can be uplifting and enriching for all. 

Now, Shanthi focuses on offering training in Yoga-Science digitally.


Acton TV, Foundations TV, WOW radio network, Life Transformation radio, several podcasts, Rhode Island (USA) local newspapers like “Valley Breeze” and “Observer”, “Ladies Special” a magazine from Chennai, Bhaaratam, Business insider, Natural Awakenings magazine, and Vegan magazines are some of the media outlets that seek to feature Shanthi’s deep wisdom.

Application of this experience in Shanthi’s Work: Her media appearances help her to better know the needs of people and to find simple ways to address them.


Shanthi, and her daughter are nature lovers and adventurous. They climb Himalayan Mountain regularly and perform classical dancing. 

Hiking and camping in state and national parks are some things they enjoy together in the USA.

Application of this experience in Shanthi’s Work: This helps her live a Yoga-way-of-life where oneness with everything including nature is emphasized. She uses this experience to teach Yoga-postures connecting them to nature and how we can benefit from these natural elements.


The facts that make Shanthi unique, authentic, and REAL in her training and teaching are: 

** Her birth and brought up in the Yogic culture of Bhaaratam (India)

 ** Her in-depth study with enlightened masters

 ** Her accessibility to her first Guru, her own father 

** Her strict Yoga-way-of-life influenced by her ancestors 

** Her knowledge of Samskrtam, 

** Her syllabus-based simple teaching

** Her years of work with children and adults aged 3 – 90 yrs 

** Her focus on happiness as the final goal of Yoga-Science

** Her ability to compile the vast ancient wisdom of the East into bite-sized 2-Minute practices suitable to the modern ways 

In order to make this knowledge accessible to all, she teaches not only in-person, but also, online and through digital programs. Thus, seekers can learn in their OWN SPACE at their OWN PACE.

Application of this Experience in Shanthi’s Work: Shanthi trains Yoga-Teachers as Yoga-Scientists and Yoga-Leaders, and NOT as mere Yoga-Instructors. She retains the authenticity of Yoga-Shaastram without watering it down for profits unlike what is happening today in most of the Yoga-world. 

Shanthi’s #1 international bestselling book series is titled “Happiness: The Key to Success - Twelve Meditation Steps to Uncover Your Joy, Healing and Success” which is available at www.ShanthiYogini.com. Though this 12-book series is on meditation, it is actually a series on Yoga-science, Happiness, and Success. (Picture on the left)


Shanthi Yogini, dressed traditionally, is authentic to her roots in more ways than physical appearance. Transformational leaders like coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs, integrate her authentic, pristine, and purest form of Yoga-Science into their busy life. 

Through her bite-sized 2-Minute practices, they tap into their true potential, and enhance their public-speaking skills. In just a few hours, they develop a confident and independent personal practice from this “International Yoga-Master”.

For top-level performers who are successful but unfulfilled, she is the “2 Yoga-Minutes to Happiness” Expert. She also offers corporate “Workplace Happiness” programs and Yoga-teacher-training. 

Her multicultural workshops are educational, enriching, and entertaining for ages 3 to 90. 

Now, Shanthi's mission has shifted to mainly training aspiring Yoga-Leaders.  


Shanthi’s mission is to empower 100,000 aspiring Yoga-Leaders to heal themselves and transform the world through her S.H.I.F.T.  Yoga-Model.

 How? They learn to SHIFT from the typical fitness-based instructing to lifestyle-based teaching & coaching and become the next generation of world-class Yoga-leaders by harnessing the power of authentic Yoga-science.

The word “Yoga” is currently misused and abused and fitness exercises go by the name “Yoga”.

The word “YogaH” in Samskrtam language (Sanskrit) indicates “Union”, “Joining” or “Connection”.

Of ALL the paths Shanthi knows of, Yoga-Shaastram is the super-set and everything else a sub-set. It is the Kalpa Vrksha (Wish-Fulfilling Tree). 

Because it is so powerful, it has to be learned and taught in the right way without distorting the original. One must deepen their connection to the roots of Yoga-Science. Coming from the teaching class, Shanthi considers that preserving Yoga-Shaastram is her Dharma (her duty and responsibility).

Her core message is this: The main purpose of Yoga-Shaastram is to realize union within, union with all, and uncover one’s inner happiness. Everything else for which one may take to its practice is only a side benefit. 

Shanthi's vision is - Empowerment, Healing, and Happiness for ALL of the Existence 


Shanthi’s depth of knowledge in the Yogic wisdom makes it easy for anyone to incorporate 2 minutes of Yoga-Science in daily life and derive immense benefits from it. Her stories about connecting to nature and providing opportunity to draw inspiration from those stories, makes Yoga-practice fun and applicable to real life situations.

Through simple and powerful mind-body training, she helps people find happiness and inner peace amidst outer chaos. They are trained to feel whole and complete with themselves first in order to heal their relationship with their loved ones.

Seekers who learn from her – from transformational leaders and Yoga-teachers to youth and children – walk away feeling more empowered in life, so as to begin to live to their highest potential. They become fully ready to shine their brilliance and to empower others to live life fully as well.

Apart from being an author, speaker and a coach, Shanthi is also an “Art & Culture Educator, Dancer, Healer, Storyteller, and a Highly Sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show Guest.”  


On the surface, it may appear as if Shanthi’s services are all separate activities, but they are not.

Bhaaratam is not separate from Yoga-science. The lifestyle of Bhaaratam is the lifestyle recommended by Yoga-science.

The classical dancing in Bhaaratam is not separate from Yoga-science. It is a minor stream of Yoga-science and is called Naatya-YogaH, (“YogaH-of-Dance”).

Meditation is not separate from Yoga-science but a part of it.

Application of this knowledge in Shanthi’s Work: This helps Shanthi experience and share the TRUE meaning of YogaH meaning unity and oneness. She emphasizes on this in her introduction to Bhaaratam and dance. Nothing in the universe is separate from each other after all. It is just one thing that pervades all.

Come, join us!  

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