3 Reasons to Stop “DOING Yoga" for Healing & Success in Every Area of Your Life Effortlessly - Even if You Think That “DOING Yoga" is Good

 Nov 4, 2022, 11:00 AM EDT   (8:30 PM IST)

This free Live webinar gives you the blueprint to practice Yoga-Science correctly to heal and succeed effortlessly!

People often use the phrase "I do Yoga" or "I don't do Yoga, I only do Meditation". Are these phrases correct? Join me in my FREE live webinar to find out the truth

What Will You Learn?

Here's a small sample of what I'll be covering when you join me Live!

Eye-Opener #1

2 Mistakes in Your Understanding of “YogaH” that Slow Your Healing. 

Eye-Opener #2

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Why Not “DOING Yoga" offers Great Mind-Body Health 

Eye-Opener #3

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How Not “DOING Yoga” brings Inner Peace & Self-Transformation 

Eye-Opener #4

How Not “DOING Yoga” Brings Success & Happiness in all Areas of Your Life

Eye-Opener #5

The Power of Yoga-Science to Offer Health, Healing & Happiness to All

Eye-Opener #6

The Right way to Teach Yoga-Science to Cause Transformation in the World

Hosted by Shanthi Yogini

Namaste! Shanthi is an engineer-turned Authentic Yoga-Science Master, “2 Yoga-Minutes to Happiness Expert”, and a #1 international best-selling author of the book "Happiness: The Key to Success". She has been teaching this for the past 40 years, but on a full-time basis for the past 18 years. Her system has helped thousands of people heal & transform themselves.

Shanthi is on a mission to change the current misrepresentation, commercialization, and dilution of Yoga-Science and the Yoga-Teacher Training System. She founded "Authentic Yoga-Science for Happiness Academy" to create the next generation of world-class Yoga-Leaders who can teach, coach, heal, and lead others.

Achieve Massive Healing & Success in Every Area of Your Life Effortlessly


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