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Vedic Healing Blueprint
Self-Assessment System.
Yoga-Foundation Strengthener
Affirmation Success System
Healthy Eating Verifier
Healing Accelerator Blueprint
Authentic Inner Circle Vault
Yoga-Leelaa Missions (90-Day Healing Challenge) - Repeats 4 times a year
24x7 Private Network Access
Personal Yoga-Saadhanaa Audio

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Everything You Will Ever Need to Heal and Eventually Help Others Heal



The Ultimate Training System to Begin Your Mind-Body Healing by Harnessing the Power of Vedic Yoga-Science (Yoga-Shaastram)!

Selling Price 

Rs 39,999

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Rs 17,999

• Proven System to Jumpstart Your Healing

• Understand All Subtleties that go into Healing

• Design Your Own Healing Journey

Bonus #1

Self-Assessment System

Assess Where You are Currently in Your Healing Journey

Selling Price 

Rs 6000

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• Answer questions for deeper self-understanding

• Rate yourself in 20 areas of life on a scorecard

• Mark your rating on a pie chart for visual assessment

Bonus #2

Yoga-Foundation Strengthener

Make your foundational knowledge strong

Selling Price 

Rs 6000

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• Learn the misuse of the word "Yoga"

• Understand what authentic Yoga-Science is

• Know the connection between YogaH and happiness

Bonus #3

Affirmations Success System

How to use Affirmations to Succeed in anything in Your Life including Your Healing

Selling Price 

Rs 6000

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• The science behind affirmations

• Body posture during affirmations

• Actual affirmations for health and happiness

Bonus #4

Healthy Eating Verifier

Verify if what You are eating is healthy

Selling Price 

Rs 4000

Your Price Today 


• Answer questions BEFORE you cook or eat

• Become aware of what to buy in the grocery store

• Become a conscious eater

Bonus #5

Healing Accelerator Blueprint

The 10S Formula to help accelerate your healing

Selling Price 

Rs 4000

Your Price Today 


• 10 powerful recommendations to heal fast

• Sense the urgency to heal and say YES

• Sculpt your new future using ancient Yoga-Shaastram

Bonus #6

Personal Yoga-Saadhanaa Audio

Practice on-the-go

Selling Price 

Rs 4000

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• Create your own daily personal practice

• Be energized by 2, 5, or 10 minutes of practice 

• Have a voice guiding and motivating you

Bonus #7

Yoga-Leelaa Missions 1-12

90-Day Healing Challenge

Selling Price 

Rs 48,000 per Year

Your Price Today 


• Take positive action on the 6 steps to your healing

• Fill out self-assessment weekly to know your progress
• Work on the bonuses during these missions

Bonus #8

Authentic Inner Circle Vault

Weekly Q & A Call with Recording

Selling Price 

Rs 42,000

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• Get connected and recharged every week

• Have your questions answered for steady progress

• Get featured to share your journey with others

Here is What You are Getting:

Vedic Healing Blueprint

3-Day course to help you progress in your healing within 90 days

Bonus Courses Worth $1500

Get instant access to the bonuses after the launch. Valid for a limited time only.

Weekly Masterminds Worth $2250

Get access to our weekly inner circle mastermind on ZOOM, ask questions LIVE, and get on the fast track.

Yoga-Leelaa Missions Worth $2400

Get invited for weekly missions and participate in activities for healing within 90 days.

Community Access which is Priceless

Get instant access to our own private social network to connect with other members of our community. 

Action Squad 

Meet in small groups every week to ensure that you are meeting your goals

2 Special Bonuses for the First 100 Participants:
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 1 Extra Year of Access
Rs 39,999 +Rs 48,000 + Rs 42000 Value = Total 2 Years


No worries if life happens and you cannot focus for several months. We are there still.

 Free 45-Minute Coaching
Rs 4000 Value

Get personal coaching for your issues in your healing journey.

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$8147   + $2197          = $10344
Rs 1,59,999 + Rs 43,999 = Rs 2,03,998

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it purely a digital course? Are there live sessions too?.

The main course and bonuses are digital videos. There are 2 live sessions every week to help implement the steps in the video course.

What if I cannot make the sessions live? Are there recordings too?

No problem; The LIVE sessions happen on zoom and you'll have access to the replay within 24 hours. You can also submit a question prior to the next session and I will answer it.

When are the live sessions?

Temporarily the 12 missions are planned for Fridays at 8.30 pm Eastern (.Saturdays at 6 am or 7 am IST)

The Q & A inner circle calls are planned for Wednesdays at 8.30 pm Eastern (Thursdays at 6 am or 7 am IST )

The first 10 people who join will have a say in this. The sessions are 90 minutes long

What if I am joining in the middle of the 12 missions?

No problem! You can join any time. You can listen to the recordings of the previous missions or you can have a fresh start in the next cycle of the 12 missions.

How long will it take for healing?

It is hard to say. It depends on where you are, and at what pace you are willing to do your inner work. No matter where you are, the course and the live calls will help you to progress. You can "start small, go slow.

Who is a good fit for this course?

This is for you if you:

• Have some healing work to do

• Already started your healing journey but are seeking more guidance

• Are looking for more happiness in life

• Want to transform, refine, and enrich your life

• Are eager to live your best life by being your best self

• Want to tap into the power of Yoga-Science

• Know that your relationships could improve through your healing

• Want to heal your community and seek the authority for it

• Want to serve the world but realize that you are not yet ready for it (Unless you are healed, you cannot help heal others)

For which specific situations or illnesses will this program help in healing?

 Here is the list:

• For the illness of the physical body
• For the illness of lack of energy
• For the illness of chronic/neurological fatigue
• For the illness of unhappiness
• For the illness of unfulfilled life
• For the illness of suffering
• For the illness of stress / tension
• For the illness of anxiety / fear
• For the illness of depression
• For the illness of shame, guilt, or regrets
• For the illness of loneliness
• For the illness of anger / resentment
• For the illness of grief from the loss
• For the illness of trauma from childhood abuse

And many similar illnesses, both physical and mental

Will I be learning a lot of postures in this program?

Not exactly! This is not a series of posture-filled Yoga-classes. Out of the 6 steps, the last step is where you will learn certain poses and other tools. The other steps involve more mental work required for self-healing.

You will receive audio of the Yoga-practices to help you integrate them into your life.

Some coaches charge a LOT... Why is this so inexpensive?

Very true! I charge $497 for a 2-hour private session. So, this investment is very less for a whole year of learning and coaching.

Right now, I have made this program VERY accessible to all for 3 reasons:

1) Vedic Healing Blueprint is brand new and, although I have taught much of the content to my private coaching clients, I am introducing this for the first time as a digital course and group coaching format. So, I am rewarding "early adopters" with an introductory price (and looking forward to testimonials!)

2) I wanted to give participants a pathway to "heal" themselves so that they become ready to study YogaScience deeply and work towards becoming "World-Class Authentic YogaScience Masters".

3) It is my mission to create 100,000 YogaScience Masters who can teach, coach, and lead the world while making a good living doing it. The world needs such leaders because YogaScience is currently misappropriated, commercialized, and diluted which is not helping people live to their highest potential which is the very purpose of YogaH.

Have another question?

Email Namaste@YogaforHappiness.com.

I got SO much out of 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga-Teacher training 

Susan Grant  

Supervisor & Past Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

I have previously taken a Yoga teacher training. I just finished Day 2 of my teacher training with Shanthi. I have now such a greater understanding of Yoga and I got SO much out of these 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga teacher training. 

The grounding in the practice is so much greater in just these 2 days. In addition, the way Shanthi explains the poses, I feel so much confident in my doing of the poses because of the way she explains the various aspects.

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