Serenity Portal: The Path to Self-Love

A Multi-Media Program

Dear Blessed Self,
Namaste! May is Mental Health Month...
Your mental wellness needs utmost attention now!!!

This specially created program is a perfect gift for yourself, your mother, your daughter or your other loved ones!

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Experience a transformative journey where you can move from chaos to calm, from pieces to peace, and from stress to serenity
Learn to love yourself like never before
Receive concrete steps to feel lighter at heart and unlock your full potential
Enjoy more success in all areas of your life by applying the Yoga-Values in life


Throughout the program, you will know the key milestones that ensure consistent growth and progress in your life
With these milestones you will know how much you have healed from any past hurts or wounds
You will know exactly what more has to be worked upon to unlock your full potential
You will know the actual barriers to your success and how to overcome them


You receive support and guidance through “21 Self-Declarations to Keep Your Serenity Switch ON”
This audio allows you to repeat these powerful affirmations on a daily basis and feel recharged
The audio with the PDF enables accelerated learning through audio, visual, and kinesthetic means
You develop the power to maintain serenity and self-love throughout your day, every day


You can pinpoint the exact nature of your mental disturbances
You get a clear roadmap to eliminate those disturbances
You get to experience more inner peace, love, and happiness in life.
You sleep better and enjoy more of life.



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