Are you juggling these two?  
Self-Priority & Prioritizing Others

 JAN 10 - WED 7:30 pM EST (THU 6:00 AM IST)  

Manage Your Time for More Self-Care:   

  Reclaim Quality Time for Yourself and Your Family and Break Free from Time-Trap & Overwhelm!

FREE WORKSHOP using the Power of 10000 Year Old Ancient Yogic Wisdom 

Shanthi Yogini

--Engineer-turned Yogic Lifestyle Expert

--#1 International Best-Selling Author

--20+ years of full-time teaching experience

--Trained 20000+ people in Yogic Lifestyle

--Wants to fix the broken Yoga-training system

--Trained authentic Yoga-teachers in the US

--Offers ancient wisdom for modern times

--Provides simple 2-minute tools

AS Featured in 

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What You will Learn in this FREE Live Workshop

You will Learn 3 Secrets to Effortlessly Master Time for Self-Care

Secret #1

6 Time Wasters & Time Savers

You understand 6 ways your time gets wasted and how Authentic Yogic Lifestyle offers solutions.

Secret #2

Root Cause of Time Wasters 

You learn the relationship between Healing, Balance, Happiness
& Time Concept

Secret #3

4 Success Blockers

You learn 4 factors that may hinder your success in taking action and what you can do about them

6 Time Wasters and 6 Time Savers through T.I.M.E.L.Y. (an acronym) 

Time Saver #1

T - Timer Technique

Time Saver #2

I-In-Home Yoga-Tools

Time Saver #3

M - Mindless Focus

Time Saver #4

E - Embracing Surrender

Time Saver #5

L - Letting Go of Lists

Time Saver #6

Y – Yoking with Single-Tasking

What else will you learn in this Workshop?

Why Self-Care is Your Most  Selfless Action for Your Family  
Relationship between Healing, Balance, Happiness & Time 
Mind-Body Connection
Expert insights on effective time management for busy supermom
Practical tips to balance your responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed
Interactive sessions and real-life strategies you can implement immediately
Guidance on modeling positive time habits for your children's benefit
Your Balance Score through Self-Evaluation
Right Posture While Sitting & Standing

Benefits Of Learning This Information

Rediscover Your Inner Calm

With authentic Yogic lifestyle, staying calm despite outer noise is easy.

Reclaim Your Personal Time

Time wasted in several ways is saved. Each tool is under 2 minutes.

Regain Balance in Life

Bring balance back into your life using simple Yoga-tools that can be practiced anytime.

Revitalize Your Body & Mind

When you feel tired physically or mentally, simple Yoga-tools instantly transform your physical & mental state

Renew Your Relationships

Your outlook on people and life changes with Yogic lifestyle. So, relationships improve, even with your kids.

Recharge Your Spirituality

Yogic lifestyle answers all deeper questions for spiritual growth to be in your true home. 

All you need is less than 3 hours to learn how to turn the struggle of time mastery into one of the easiest things you have ever done!

All I need is less than 3 hours to show you how!

What Others Say...

Training with Shanthi showed me Yoga BEYOND the poses 

It was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me Yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate Yoga with. What benefitted me the most was the Poorna-Shvaasa breathing technique. Just doing it for the first time, I felt a difference in my whole body system….

Every Aasanam was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. It changes the way you do Yoga-poses, the feeling you get afterwards. When I practice by myself, I will remember that.


Entrepreneur, Bengaluru, Bhaaratam


Shanthi is dedicated completely in her soul in Yoga.

Before I had a vague idea of Yoga. Now I have a very big understanding of it. Shanthi is dedicate completely in her soul in Yoga. I am not getting a part-time person, I am getting a full-time person. It is a BIG difference. If you can’t understand and apply it on yourself on your own, then you are wasting money. 

If you know something and understand it with such a deep meaning, then you can apply it not only for yourself, but also teach your students. That is POWER. I am open to learning a new way of life.

Vilma Ruiz

Rhode Island, USA

(2 Hour Yoga-Talk)

Shanthi's teaching style is like you are having a private class

This training program called "YogaLaasyam" (Yoga-Dance-Story) is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. She shows the correct pose along with the common corrections, that students new to the work may need.

Lots of love and care went into making the syllabus for this program ~ a delight to study, learn and grow. Shanthi, I am so grateful for you sharing this authentic program with us !

Joan Novack

RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner, MA, USA

(Digital Program on Yoga-Dance-Story)

Breakthrough in 2 Hours 

In a 2-hour mini V.I.P "coaching" session with Shanthi, I got a lot of guidance, direction, and a major breakthrough in my life.

We took up some of the things that were holding me back, things so basic that they affect your whole day, your whole year - finances and food. I started to implement easy changes in simple steps.

Julia Fryer

Teacher, Day Care Center, VA, USA

(Private Coaching)

Thanks for Saving my Life

After my urgent visit to the ER, with a blood pressure (B.P) reading of 214 over 90, Shanthi urged me to reinvent my breathing process through her “Breathe Right to Live Right" digital program.

In 3 weeks, my B.P went down by 64 points. One of the most special gifts I received yet, at human level. Thanks for saving my life.

Jansenius Tito Lange Jr

Teen Educator, Visionary, Florida, USA

(Digital Program on Right Breathing)

I got SO much out of 2 days with Shanthi 

I have previously taken a Yoga teacher training before. I just finished Day 2 of my teacher training with Shanthi. I have now such a greater understanding of Yoga and I got SO much out of these 2 days than I got out of my previous entire teacher training. 

 In addition, I feel confident in doing poses because of the way she explains the various aspects!

Susan Grant

Past Yoga-Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

(Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training)

Hosted by Shanthi Yogini

Namaste! Shanthi is an engineer-turned Authentic Yogic Lifestyle Expert and a #1 international best-selling author of a Book series on happiness.

Dressed traditionally, she is authentic to her roots in more ways than mere appearance. 

The current Yoga-system is misappropriated, adulterated, and diluted, and cannot fulfill the real needs of the world.

Shanthi is on a mission to create world-class authentic Yoga-Masters to bring balance back into the world with A.U.T.H.E.N.T.I.C. Yogic lifestyle through her S.H.A.K.T.I. Yoga-Model. 

Shanthi comes from a lineage of Yoga-Masters. She was born and raised in the country which is the very source of Yoga-Shaastram (Yogic Living). She teaches ancient wisdom suitable to modern lifestyle through simple 2-minute tools. 

Shanthi is an eye-opening Speaker, Culture Educator, Healer, Dancer, Storyteller, and a highly sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show guest.

This Workshop is for You If You Want...

To Heal and Bring Balance Back into Your Life
To Renew Your Energy and Vitality 
To Enjoy Enhanced Health and Fitness
To Have Enough Time for Your Self-Care & Family
To Strengthen Relationships
To Escape Time-trap and Overwhelm
To Play a Pivotal Role in Your Kids' Lives
To Be Free from Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please get clarity on these questions and answers before you attend the workshop!

What will I gain from attending this workshop?

By attending this workshop, you will gain transformative insights into authentic Yogic living for time management, self-care, and a healthy mindset. It is specifically tailored for busy mothers. Expect practical strategies to bring balance to your life, foster emotional well-being, and enhance overall vitality.

Do I need any prior Yoga-experience to benefit from the workshop?

Not at all! This workshop is designed for individuals with any level of Yoga-experience, including those who have never practiced before. 

How long will this session be and what will be covered?

This interactive workshop is designed to be concise yet comprehensive, lasting approximately 2.5 hours. We understand your time is valuable, and we aim to deliver impactful content within this timeframe. Shanthi has a very powerful and eye-opening way to simplify complex concepts. You will learn how Yogic lifestyle is a means to save time and enrich your life.

Is this workshop only for mothers, or can anyone attend?

While the content is tailored for busy mothers, anyone seeking an integrated approach to time management, balance, and well-being is welcome. The principles shared can be applied by individuals of various backgrounds and age groups.

Which situations in life does this workshop cater to? 

This workshop is beneficial for people who may need a lot of healing and rebalancing work, anyone who is not 100% happy, and those struggling to find time for themselves and their families. Happiness, balance, and healing are interconnected.  

How should I prepare myself before the workshop?

If you are really serious about healing yourself and bringing balance back into your life, bookmark your calendar and attend the workshop from start to finish without any distractions and without multitasking. Make sure that you are sitting in a quiet place with a notepad, pen, and paper handy.

Your mission is to create authentic Yoga-teachers. How is that related to helping people to heal, manage time, and find balance in life?

You are right! Our mission is to create an army of authentic Yoga-Leaders. But Yoga-Teacher training is at a much-advanced level. Everyone has to first focus on self-care; start with reclaiming their healing, balance & happiness. Unless one is healed and has regained balance, one cannot become a leader to help others heal or find balance. They also cannot manage their time well. Unless one is transformed, one cannot become a leader to bring about transformation in the world. That is why healing and bringing balance back into life is essential. Knowing how your time is getting wasted is crucial. 

How interactive will the workshop be?

The workshop is designed to be engaging and interactive. There will be self-evaluation quiz, opportunities for live questions, and interactive exercises to enhance your learning experience. 

Will there be opportunities to ask questions during the workshop?

Absolutely! We encourage active participation. There will be dedicated Q&A sessions where you can ask questions, share insights, and engage with our experienced presenter

Is there a cost associated with attending the workshop?

No, the workshop is completely free of charge. Our goal is to share valuable insights and empower individuals with the transformative benefits of authentic Yogic living. 

What if I cannot attend the live workshop?

We understand scheduling conflictsCurrently, no recording or replay is offered. We plan to offer this regularly. So, you can register again when we offer it next.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the workshop?

Yes. we will talk about our paid program during the workshop. If you resonate with our energy and wish to continue your healing and balancing journey with us, you can grab the special offer that will be given in the workshop. We believe that it is our responsibility to teach you on a deeper level to enable you to be a role model for your kids and your family.

It's time to prioritize yourself and your family. Sign up today and embark on a journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life!

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