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 A 6-Step Guide to Stand Out in a Crowded Market and
Be in the Top 5%
By Embodying Authentic Yoga-Shaastram (YogaScience)

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Shanthi Yogini

Namaste! I am an engineer-turned Vedic YogaScience Master and a #1 international best-selling author. The Current Yoga-system is broken. It is misappropriated, commercialized, and diluted and does not lead to unlocking one’s full potential which is the purpose of Yoga-Shaastram.

 I am on a mission
to empower 100,000 Aspiring & Active YogaTeachers, Healers & Life Coaches to be in the Top 5% by Embodying Zero-Competition Authentic YogaScience through my S.H.A.K.T.I. Yoga-Model.

A guide built to guide you.

Most Yoga-training programs in modern days are off track and need a helping hand to point them in the right direction. This guide with the Breakthrough Formula does that.

We offer YogaScience in its authentic, pristine, and purest form so that it heals, fills your life with happiness, and inspires you to give back to your students & clients.

My Mission

Yoga-Training System

The current way of teaching YogaScience and the YogaTeacher training system is off track. My mission is to reinvent the training system to create the next generation of world-class authentic YogaScience Masters & Leaders.

My Expertise

Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training

 I help Aspiring & Active Yoga-Teachers, Healers, and Wellness Coaches to launch or scale their business by embodying Zero-Competition Authentic Yoga-Shaastram (YogaScience).

My Community

Limitless Healers and

I founded this community to help Aspiring & Active Yoga-Teachers, Healers, and Wellness Coaches to "Claim their Authenticity, Command Credibility, and Communicate their Uniqueness in a Crowded Market.”

"I got SO much out of 2 days with Shanthi than I got out of my previous ENTIRE Yoga-Teacher training!"

Susan Grant

Past Yoga-Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

My Story....

Dear Blessed Self, Namaste! 
My name is Shanthi Yogini...

When I was about to join engineering college since I got a free seat on a merit basis, my father told me “You are meant to be a teacher, not an engineer”. I did not realize it until I finished 2 years of engineering. 

I am an engineer-turned Vedic YogaScience Master, “Unlock Your Full Potential" Expert, and a #1 international best-selling author.

At a time when I had negative emotions as a single parent, I embodied Authentic & ancient Yoga-Shaastram (YogaScience) to reclaim my healing & happiness.  My system has helped thousands of people achieve the same. It can help you too!!!

Currently, there is misappropriation, commercialization, and dilution of YogaScience, and the YogaTeacher training system. 

I am on a mission to help 100,000 YogaTeachers and Healers to be in the top 5% by Embodying Zero-Competition Authentic YogaShaastram through my S.H.A.K.T.I. Yoga-Model. 

Breakthrough in 2 Hours

In a 2-hour mini V.I.P "coaching" session with Shanthi, I got a lot of guidance, direction, and a major breakthrough in my life. 

We took up some of the things that were holding me back, things so basic that they affect your whole day, your whole year - finances and food. I started to implement easy changes in simple steps.

Julia Fryer

Teacher, Day Care Center, VA, USA

Thanks for Saving my Life

After my urgent visit to the ER, with a blood pressure (B.P) reading of 214 over 90, Shanthi urged me to reinvent my breathing process through her “Breathe Right to Live Right" digital program. 

In 3 weeks, my B.P went down by 64 points. One of the most special gifts I received yet, at human level. Thanks for saving my life!

Jansenius Tito Lange Jr

Teen Educator, Visionary,  Florida, USA

It Feels Like a Private Class

"Yoga-Laasyam" (Yoga-Dance-Story) program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. 

She shows the correct pose along with possible mistakes. Lots of love and care went into making the syllabus for this authentic video program ~ a delight to study, learn & grow.

Joan Novack

RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mass., USA


Simple Process To Get Started.

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started to heal yourself as the FIRST step to becoming a world-class authentic YogaScience Master!

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"Her connection to spirit is what so touched me. This is something she brings to everything she does"

Cathy Hill

Retreat Participant (Yoga-Teacher), RI, USA

"This guide is eye-opening and totally free - why not go for it?"

shanthi Yogini

My Book Series...

In 2018 I launched a book that redefines: Success,  Happiness, Yoga-Science, and Meditation. It is now a 12-book series.


The easiest way to empower humanity is to help them heal and transform their lives through the power of authentic Yoga-Science. Yet, this ancient wisdom that dates back thousands of years from the country of Bhaaratam (India) is misrepresented as mere fitness exercises that go by the name "Yoga". 

This book-series busts several myths about life-purpose, Yoga-Science, success, happiness, chanting, and meditation. It inspires you to take action through "Transformation Tracker" questions and several affirmations. 

Pick the entire series or pick any single book.

NOTE: The 12 independent books are currently available as E-Book ONLY on this website and have NOT YET been launched on Amazon.

I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

My entire body feels calmer and more grounded than when I walked in. I learned a lot about Mudras. In a regular Yoga class there is focus on just holding the posture. But today I learned why we hold the postures, and the meaning behind it; That was wonderful and it gave me more peace. 

I have done the tree pose for months now, but I really never thought about what a tree is; how it is strengthened at the base and more free-flowing at the top and how we want to create that balance. Now I’ll make it bigger than just doing the tree pose. 

Deborah Robitaille

Workshop Attendee, RI, USA

It showed me Yoga beyond the poses.

It was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate yoga with. What benefited me the most was the Purna-shvasa breathing technique. 

Just doing it for the first time, I felt a difference in my whole body system….Every Aasanam was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. 

It changes the way you practice Yoga, the feeling you get afterward. When I practice by myself, I will remember that.


Architect, Bhaaratam (India)

Shanthi is dedicated completely in her soul in Yoga

Before, I had a vague idea of Yoga. Now I have a very big understanding of it. Shanthi is dedicated completely in her soul in Yoga. I am not getting a part-time person, I am getting a full-time person which is a BIG difference. 

If you don’t understand, and you cannot apply it on yourself on your own, then you are wasting money. If you know something and understand it with such a deep meaning, then you can apply it for life not only for yourself but also to teach your students and THAT is POWER. I am open to learning a new way of life.

Vilma Ruiz

Open House Attendee RI, USA


A 6-Step Guide to Stand Out in a Crowded Market and Be in the Top 5%

By Embodying Authentic Yoga-Shaastram (YogaScience)!

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